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Get the most from your sales team

Great sales reps with the right sales process are like a renewable resource-- they keep generating profit for your business. But the wrong sales reps or the wrong sales process holds back your growth. I'm Gary Seale, and for over a decade, my team and I have been helping B2B companies get the most out of their sales teams. From creating a sales plan, to hiring the right team, to running effective sales meetings, to lead generation and more, we create customized solutions for each client.

"Gary Seale with Trucon Sales Consulting has acted in both a marketing role and as a direct sales manager for EMCOT. From a sales perspective, he instituted a phone sales and newsletter program for the company. To support these programs he revised the EMCOT website, participated in trade shows, worked with Linkedin, developed product literature, a landing page for blogs and a company capabilities presentation. Trucon’s ongoing efforts have led to hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue for EMCOT. They continue to represent my company extremely well in the highly competitive electronic controls marketplace. I can give my highest recommendation to Trucon Sales Consulting and their associates. They provide excellent sales consulting and outsourced sales services.”
Steve Spaw
Steve Spaw
Vice President, EMCOT Corp
"We engaged Trucon to help us in research and prospect engagement in several scenarios. In 90 days, they made direct calls following our scripts and prospect engagement process, engaged and cataloged conversations in CRM, provided research on the Internet and escalated opportunity swifter than could possible have been achieved by hiring any in-house, outbound sales person (and at a portion of the cost). Our client was very pleased with the overall results, and we were we. Whether starting from scratch (like we did in that instance) or leveraging their professional calling team for a mature sale, I highly recommend Trucon services."
Cindy Goldsberry
Managing Partner, ZFactor Group

What does "Trucon" mean?

Trucon is short for Truth and Conscientiousness.

Truth is the foundation of trust, and trust is the engine that drives a business relationship.

Conscientiousness means treating your business like our own, with energy, passion, and attention to detail.