Building a Story Brand

Building a Story Brand Donald Miller

In Donald Miller’s New York Times Bestselling book, Building a Story Brand, Miller explains how to use all the elements of a great story to market your product or service.

Telling a great story involves understanding several aspects of human psychology. This letter does not allow space or the intrusion of your time for that information to be included. However if you follow the bullet points list below, you will be on the right track with your next sales presentation or marketing piece.

Miller’s philosophy makes intuitive sense because it mimics the scripting of a great drama movie. The goal is to clarify your message so customers will listen and of course, grow your business. Read on to discover how this might work with your marketing strategy.

  • The prospect is the hero of your ad, not your company. (People are thinking about their survival and success, not yours)
  • Every prospect has a Big Problem preventing them from reaching their goal. That problem can be viewed as the villain of the story.
  • Prospects have highly evident problems that needs to be addressed. This is an External Problem
  • Prospects also have an Internal Problem that should be addressed. This is not as clearly self evident, but begins to touch the why is this a problem for the prospect.
  • Prospects at the deepest level have a Philosophical issue that if addressed will greatly increase the chances for you to close business with them. (An example might be buying an electric powered car to save the environment)
  • Your goal is to step in as a Guide to help them reach their goals. Ultimately this means that they purchase your goods and services to help them succeed.
  • You must answer the question: Why should your hero trust you?
    Also, answer the concern: How do you help them avoid disaster?

I highly recommend obtaining a copy of the book and reading deep into the details of using the Story Brand method.

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