Selling with Emotion

For three decades I sold into a technical marketplace. My impression was that technically trained and oriented prospects (read “Engineers“) did not want or appreciate an emotionally charged appeal for them to buy. Just the facts maam!

However, Carmine Gallo in his book “Talk Like TED” states that the most compelling appeals have only 10% of the material dedicated to credibility (Ethos), 25% dedicated to evidence and data (Logos) and fully 65% of the material is devoted emotional appeal. (Pathos)

This appeal process works because it is based on how the human brain works, how it processes and recalls information and how that information gets stamped into our brains. Researchers at Princeton have discovered that telling stories actually allows the storyteller and the listener to have “Brain to Brain Coupling.”

By simply telling stories, we can plant ideas, thoughts, and emotions into our listeners brains. Our challenge is to start using stores instead of logic packed presentations. Stories light up the whole brain by activating language, sensory, visual and motor areas. In other words, story touch emotions and emotions drive purchasing decisions.

Think of it like this if you’re having a hard time being convinced.

Stories are just data with a soul.

When you starting working on your next appeal, seriously consider using one of the three following story telling methods in your presentation.

  • Tell a personal story to start that drives home your point, with humor if possible.
  • Tell a story about another person to illustrate your point.
  • Tell a story about your product or brand success

Be sure to let me know how this works for you.

PS: Book Recommendation: Talk Like TED: The 9 Public Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds By: Carmine Gallo

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