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checklist2Digital sales and marketing tools allow the individual salesperson or company to market, identify and qualify prospects.

Your digital visibility as a company or an individual salesperson has become critical because the majority of your prospects will do a significant amount of online shopping before they engage with a company. (Researchers report 70% of your prospects will research the product and your company before they reach out)

Not only can you use the digital tools available to you as marketing tools, but you can also use them to qualify prospects before you approach them as potential customers.

Trucon Sales Consulting provides sales people with a thorough overview of the digital sales and marketing tools available in the marketplace to create visibility, reach out to specific prospects and acquaint them with the products and services of the provider.

Trucon will consult and train how to establish and maintain: 

    • Linkedin mining into a specific target market
    • A CRM tool utilized that allows for capturing prospect names, company affiliation and contact information
    • Automation software used to download multiple contacts
    • A drip campaign of content rich, information newsletters is developed to stay in touch and grow trust with your brand on a weekly basis
    • A combination of content rich posts and You Tube videos are created to grow visibility and develop your reputation as a subject matter expert.
    • Landing pages are created to capture names from your website and direct people to your events and webinars.
    • Webinars are scheduled for your subject matter expert exposure
    • Follow up e-mails with graphics, Pdf literature, invitations and closing messages and a link to your website are utilized
    • A follow up verbal and e-mail script are developed for use by your sales associates
    • Ad-word campaigns using Facebook, Linkedin and Google developed as deemed necessary
    • Linkedin account management allows you to locate hard to find decision makers and build the prospect list
    • This is a tried and proven process driven program that Trucon has used for multiple customers over the past five years
  • Trucon has the capabilities to customize and outsource this program for busy entrepreneurs
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