Outsourced Sales Deliverables

Trucon Outsourced Sales Deliverables

Outsourced Sales Services – Video Link

checklist2Your business will benefit by having a professional proactive program in place that is guaranteed to put you in front of the correct decision makers. A permanent record is created for continuous sales and marketing efforts for years to come. This program allows your staff personnel to apply their skills to operations and customer support activities (avoids lost opportunity time). The cost is far below what a full time associate with benefits would require.

Your return on investment must be measured by the revenue and potential revenue generated over at least a one year period of time. If an existing account increases purchases or a new account buys product in sufficient quantities that cover and exceed the cost of the sales and marketing program, then the program should be considered a success. Trucon will cooperate with goal setting and measurement of the program’s effectiveness.

  • A prospect list developed that identifies your specific market
  • A CRM tool utilized that allows for call scheduling, follow up and documentation of the sales process
  • Call reports provided each Monday morning to you with a detailed report on every call
  • A summary report provided each Monday morning that allows for characterization of each call and an analysis
  • A call script that reflects a professional approach based on Trucon’s mission statement of truth and conscientiousness
  • The Trucon Associate will become acquainted with your products, service and differentiating factors
  • Not telemarketing – Each prospect is asked if they have time to visit before continuing, with follow up calls scheduled based on the prospect’s responses
  • Follow up e-mails with Pdf literature and a link to your website are utilized
  • Follow up’s conducted on a pre-determined schedule that allows for consideration by the prospect
  • A follow up verbal and e-mail script are developed and used in the process
  • Warm and hot leads immediately communicated back to the customer
  • Marketing support provided with Social Media Posting, Linkedin Account Management, Landing page creation, Adword Campaigns and Newsletter support. (Marketing support upon agreement by both parties)
  • Linkedin account management allows Trucon to locate hard to find decision makers and build the prospect list
  • A TRUE Sales and marketing support process – Not just a telemarketing program.
  • A tried and proved process driven program that Trucon has documented for use by all associates
  • * An alternate program that provides an outside associate making contacts for the customer on a 50% budget of a full time associate, managed by Trucon.