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Outsourced Sales Services

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chart3The following programs will give you the confidence that your company has a professional, proactive sales program in force.  They provide a peace of mind regarding your sales and marketing effort and save time as you delegate time consuming prospecting efforts. They also alleviate the emotional pain of rejection since you do not have to personally experience the push back that often happens in the early stages of business development. Trucon provides a customized calling plan staffed by one native English speaking sales associate in most cases.  Plans are carefully crafted to gain the maximum impact into the target market audience.

The benefits you receive from our outsourced sales programs include:

  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • Drives sales
  • Experienced professionals represent you
  • Builds your database
  • Relieves Prospecting Stress
  • Pulls prospects into the customer’s CSR team to close business

Phone/newsletter campaigns
Trucon’s direct phone call campaign with Linkedin support followed by a newsletter campaign. This includes levels of 120, 160 or 200 plus attempts to contact and follow up with viable prospects per month. All attempts are documented in a CRM and a report is delivered to you each Monday. Marketing feedback is provided and strategies are corrected as necessary

Social Media approach
A marketing first approach with social media (specifically LinkedIn connections and gathering contact information) in conjunction with a systematic newsletter campaign, and adwords campaigns, followed by direct phone call and e-mail follow ups

Your own part-time sales manager
A PT sales manager working in your prospect community, doing everything a full time person would do, selected, managed and compensated via Trucon Business Development. This would include attending networking meetings where appropriate, making planned and cold calls, giving presentations and following up with viable prospects. Full documentation is provided each week as the salesperson executes your strategy in the field.

Appointment setting/product introductions
A focused appointment setting or product introduction effort with a focus on call volume into a specific target market. Primarily phone work with e-mail as a secondary effort. Minimal recalls attempted.

Sales Management
Trucon provides contract sales management. We appraise your current system and establish a proactive, systematic sales process to effectively reach the client’s customers. Trucon will review systems, software, hire, train and manage sales staff, refine the sales approach, marketing tools and follow up processes.

Special Services

  • Process Driven – Outsourced Sales Innovation Consulting
  • Negotiations Training

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