Our Sales Consulting Team

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Gary D. Seale: Founder – MBA        Principal – Founder 


Gary D. Seale – MBA established The Trucon Consulting Group, LLC in 2007 after serving in the diverse roles of Corporate Buyer, Sales Manager, Operations Manager, Product Manager, Regional Manager-North America and Global Accounts Manager/North America and Asia. An award winning sales manager, Gary and the Trucon Staff apply the same level of winning focus to Trucon’s client’s needs.


Trucon offers your first analysis and consultation at No Charge.

Trucon Consulting helps business owners grow their revenue by consulting, coaching and training their sales team members to higher levels of performance.  SWOT analysis, testing, associate interviews and a holistic review of the sales efforts are conducted to optimize performance. We offer assistance in hiring and onboarding new sales associates. Our focus is on companies with an outside sales staff working in business to business roles.

Trucon’s group of trusted associates offers expertise in management, human resources, marketing and training. Our affiliate partners provide full management analysis and consulting services.

Trucon Business Development uses a set of tried and proven sales processes and marketing tools for outsources sales services. These processes put the client’s product in front of the best prospects and drive opportunities back to the client for closing. We also aid in developing sales strategies with our clients that are implemented in the field to enhance sales growth. We trust that our processes, procedures and sales skills drive excellence in the delivery of a professional, proactive sales and marketing effort for our clients. Linkedin mining processes are provided as an outsourced service.

Giving Back: Community Involvement

  • Trucon supports Hill Country Ministries Food Bank
  • Trucon supports Austin CRU
  • Gary co-manages Christian Business Leaders Group as networking venue each Friday
  • Gary serves as the Membership Chairman for the Metropolitan Breakfast Club which meets at DKR-Memorial on the UT campus every Wednesday
  • Gary is a Toastmasters Club mentor for the T-Werx Club in Cedar Park
  • Trucon donates photography services to networking groups and local speakers in the Austin area
  • Gary donates training sessions on sales, negotiations and leadership to business meetups  in the Austin area
  • And he is a Grandfather to two local munchkins, age 6 and 1!

Affiliate Partners

  • Compass Settings – Birkman Personality Testing / Sales Capabilities
  • Career Fitter Personality Testing   (Link- Take the test now)
  • Constant Contact – E-Marketing
  • Pearson Strategy Group – Business Research
  • Tylerica Systems, LLC – Marketing Consulting
  • IMPACT Leadership Group – Business Training
  • IMSM – ISO Standards Specialists https://www.imsm.com/us/



Trucon has experience in diverse products such as:

  • business training services
  • HVAC
  • industrial transmissions
  • temperature and fixed systems monitoring equipment
  • flooring products
  • commercial insurance
  • commercial real estate
  • sales consulting
  • technology personnel sourcing
  • technical and industrial software
  • advertising
  • information technology services
  • safety equipment
  • instrumentation
  • clean room consumables
  • static charge control products / ionization
  • laser testing technology
  • embedded circuit boards, PLC’s, non destructive testing
  • mortgage lending

The Trucon Team

Jennifer Seale – Marketing


Jeff Stec - Marketing Consultant

Jeff Stec – Marketing Consultant

Sue Norwood: Business Administration

Steve Pearson - Research

Steve Pearson – Research


Danny SmithAdviser/Consultant

Danny Smith – Business Advisory Board


Scott Carley -

Scott Carley – Business Advisory Board