Sales Consulting

Dogmatic about Results, Pragmatic about Approach

When it comes to improving your sales results, one size does not fit all.

We’ve been around the block a few times.  We don’t run around with a hammer calling everything a nail. 

From old-fashioned calling techniques to digital marketing, we’ll put together the right system for you.

Don't Take Our Word, Take Theirs...

Trucon Sales Consulting has my full vote of confidence regarding this new approach to opening up new business opportunities for our Commercial Lines Group and other aspects of Sales Consulting.
John McNulty
John McNulty
HIG Commercial Lines Manager, The How Insurance Group
Trucon’s ongoing efforts have led to hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue for EMCOT. They continue to represent my company extremely well in the highly competitive electronic controls marketplace. I can give my highest recommendation to Trucon Sales Consulting and their associates. They provide excellent sales consulting and outsourced sales services.
Steve Spaw
Steve Spaw
Vice President of Operations and Marketing, EMCOT Corp.
Gary Seale has my highest recommendation as a planner, sales producer, trainer and leader.
Butch Hutton
Butch Hutton
President, Vallen Corporation

One size does not fit all

When it comes to sales, there are universal truths, but no single approach that guarantees success.

That’s why we start with a detailed assessment, looking outwards at your market and inwards at your team and processes.

Then we chart a course to better results together. 

We’ve been around the block a few times, so we’re not going to automatically recommend the latest digital marketing fad (although we know a think or two about digital marketing).

Some capabilities include:

  • SWOT Analysis – Strengths – Weaknesses – Opportunities – Threats
  • SMBE – 20 Question Sales Score Card
  • New Associate Selection – Testing – Interviews – Onboarding
  • Sales Strategy Development
  • Sales Team Organization
  • Sales Team Leadership and Management – Motivation
  • Individual Salesperson Coaching
  • Target Market Selection
  • Team and Individual Marketing Plans
  • Unique Selling Proposition – Scripting
  • Database Mining – LinkedIn Mining Methods
  • Sales Negotiations Training
  • Time and Territory Management
  • Marketing Automation Tools
  • Salesperson Metrics and Reviews
  • Sales Compensation and Comp Plan Structure
  • CRM Tool Implementation and Training
  • Digital Marketing
  • Email newsletters and drip campaigns
  • Rich content including YouTube videos
  • Landing pages for lead capture
  • Webinars that position you as an expert with your target market
  • Follow up scripts
  • Ad campaigns for Google, Facebook, and/or LinkedIn
  • ROI measurement
  • Sales Training
  • Large Account Penetration
  • Feature – Advantage – Benefit / Solution Selling
  • Video Tools – Editing –  YouTube Channel  
  • Public Speaking for PR
  • Sales Motivation