Sales Consulting

Would you like to see more sales production?  TRUCON can help.

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An engagement includes a Sales Team SWOT review for a Sales Manager or Sales Executive. For individuals in a start up mode, the review reveals strengths and weaknesses of the existing sales and marketing approach.

The value of engaging with a consultant is that you are expanding your evaluation of the existing sales efforts by using a team that is entirely focused on selling skills. This insight can open new vistas into approaches that you were unaware of, or make important changes in your existing program.

The first session is provided at no charge. Ask for your copy of the SWOT questionnaire and start your evaluation soon. Trucon delivers the art and science of sales based on decades of experience and strong analytical skills.

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Sales Consulting Services                                                                        

  • SWOT Analysis – Strengths – Weaknesses – Opportunities – Threats

  • New Associate Selection – Testing – Interviews – Onboarding

  • Sales Strategy Development

  • Sales Team Organization

  • Sales Team Leadership and Management – Motivation

  • Individual Salesperson Coaching

  • Target Market – Title Selection

  • Team and Individual Marketing Plans

  • Unique Selling Proposition – Scripting

  • Database Mining – Linkedin Mining Methods

  • Sales Negotiations Training

  • Time and Territory Management

  • Marketing Automation Tools

  • Salesperson Metrics and Reviews

  • Sales Compensation

  • CRM Tools

  • Digital Marketing

  • Sales Training

  • Large Account Penetration

  • Feature – Advantage – Benefit / Solution Selling

  • Video Tools – Editing – U Tube Channel

  • Public Speaking for PR

  • Sales Motivation


Trucon has decades of experience selling as a B to B tangible products distributor into manufacturing, utilities, government, mining, oil and gas and service industries. We also have deep experience selling from a manufacturer’s perspective through channels into the semiconductor, hard drive, box build and medical markets in North America and Asia. Our team has been providing business development services and sales consulting into the small to medium size business market for the past ten years.

Salespeople are simply not attack dogs that are unleashed on your target market. They require careful selection, guidance, product training, monitoring, accountability and motivation. A genuinely good salesperson is a renewable resource that will produce benefits year after year. But a poorly motivated and performing individual can cause damage and lost revenue for years to come.

Selection and Training

Trucon can help you select individuals via resume screening, testing, interviews and checking references. A lost associate can cost a company 18 months of productivity. Allow our sales consultants to design an incentive plan crafted to meet your key individual’s needs and keep them more than gainfully employed.

Do you have a new person that needs sales skills development? Many times that individual coaching time never makes it on the manager’s schedule. Sales training can engage with a new individual and give them the skill sets they need to compete in the marketplace.

Digital Marketing

Many sales people are marketers first and the actual selling skills are required later in the process. Trucon sales consulting can help them design a program of newsletters, e-mails, direct phone calls, personal appointments, professional networking, product training, blogging and participation in selected groups. This marketing campaign is controlled by their own set of self imposed metrics that helps them monitor their progress in lead and lag indicators.

Comp Plans

Struggling to install a compensation plan that will pay your associates a fair income, but not penalize the company at the same time? Engage Trucon Sales Consulting to design a program that fits your budget and retains your people.